Also called as record suspension, a pardon allows people to eliminate their criminal records from public view once their sentence is served and they have demonstrated their ability to abide by the law henceforth. Pardons provide a decent chance for the convicted individuals to gain access to professional growth and a remark free social life. Federal government of Canada is the authority providing pardons. Once a pardon is given, any search in the database of the Canadian Police Information center (CPIC) will not reveal that you ever had a criminal record or that you received a pardon.



What is a criminal record?
A criminal record in Canada can be described as a record of the criminal activity of the individual irrespective of the outcome in the court. A criminal record might come up after being arrested by police. It will be maintained in the RCMP in Ottawa. Even if several years have passed and the conviction is for a minor offense, the criminal record might not vanish automatically. A criminal record can place a serious obstacle to employment and career growth. It can also affect travels. Criminal records can also be used to justify harsher punishments if any future offenses are committed by the concerned individual.


How to know if I have a criminal record?
The moment you are charged with a crime, you will have a criminal record coming up irrespective of whether you are guilty or convicted. If fingerprinting is done for the offense, a finger print number is assigned for your name and date of birth, which will continue to exist until you get this record cleared permanently. Even in cases you are not fingerprinted, you will need a pardon or record suspension in the event of being convicted and a file destruction in case you are not convicted.


How do I know if I am eligible for pardon?
If you have waited over the required time period which is from 5 to 10 years after completing the sentence issued, and if you are ready with all the necessary supporting documents and if have demonstrated a good conduct, you are eligible to receive a pardon by the federal government. If your sentences have pronounced more than 2 years of jail time or if the offense was of sexual nature towards a minor or if you have more than three convictions, pardons or record suspensions will not be granted.


How can Canadian pardon services help me?

Applying for pardon is a complicated process. It is time consuming. Any flaws in the documentation or filling up the application can lead to the rejection of your application. Applying through a reliable and accomplished Canada pardon services can help avoid the hassles and also get pardon quickly.