After the sentence has been served for a criminal offense and the individual proves their law-abiding nature, a pardon or record suspension makes it possible to keep their criminal record separate from the other ones piled up over there with the law enforcing bodies. Once a pardon or record suspension is issued by the federal government of Canada, the search of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) will never reveal that you had a criminal record or the fact that you were given a pardon or record suspension.



Pardon and record suspension
For several years in Canada, getting a criminal conviction sealed has been called as getting a pardon. A pardon is usually defined as the act of the government to make people escape the stigma after they have served their sentence for a conviction and proved their law-abiding nature after that. Some time back in 2012, the Canadian government switched the name of ‘Pardon’ to the term ‘Record Suspension’ for some important reasons.


Why the change was effected
The term ‘pardon’ will mean that the government is extending its forgiveness to a person who has been convicted for an offense. Officially speaking, this is never the way in which an incident of legal pardon works. A criminal record can never be forgotten easily. It is only sealed simply not to be visible for any legal or public background checks. Under exceptional circumstances, the Minister of Public Safety can exercise their authority to access the sealed records when needed. Usually this happens only under extraordinary circumstances.


This is particularly true when we talk of sexual offenses. Even if a person has got the records sealed, it can still be flagged and a notification can pop up when the person applies for a job in a vulnerable sector. These are some serious kinds of offenses that would allow for a complete pardon to give a free pass to the person back into the society without any kind of trail. After the name was changed from Pardon to Record Suspension, the laws make it that a person with criminal convictions of sexual nature against a minor can never be eligible for a pardon or record suspension.


Legally speaking, the term record suspension is more accurate than the term pardon. This will give an indication that the past records can never be forgotten, but the individual will not be denied of a decent opportunity to make a respectable life in the society once the sentence was served and they prove their law-abiding nature.


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