Criminal convictions can ruin your fair chances to a happy life. The life experiences of people with criminal convictions have never been encouraging. One of the severe disadvantages of criminal convictions for example is refused entry to USA. Securing pardon can revive your happy chances of a fair and successful life once again. Here are the most wonderful advantages of pardon that you cannot overlook.
What is pardon?
Earlier known as pardon, later this process came to be called as record suspension. Upon fulfillment of some conditions and after the candidate applies for record suspension, pardon or records suspension is granted. Once this happens, the convicted individual’s criminal records are closed and removed out of the database and they will never be shown to the employees or other organizations and individuals who seek them. Hence for all practical purposes, you get to enjoy a happy life once again.
Why must you apply for pardon?
Majority of employers run a thorough record check before hiring employees for the various positions in their organization. Those with criminal records are filtered out and are not recruited by employers for fear of inviting troubles to their organization. Especially some responsible positions are strictly denied to those candidates with criminal convictions. As per the existing laws, an individual’s criminal records will be furnished to employers who seek them.

Some social organizations do not accept volunteers with a criminal record. Hence they too run a record check before accepting people to support their volunteering opportunities.

US entries are denied to those with criminal convictions. In this way, some travel opportunities, social service opportunities and employment opportunities are denied to those with criminal convictions. Hence in several fronts of your life, you will find your criminal records having some serious implications.

Securing pardon lets your records hidden from the public view and you regain a fair chance to live a happy and successful life.
Eligibility to apply
For applying for pardon or record suspension, you must have completed your sentence and paid all the penalties if any. For every type of conviction, there is a particular length of waiting period. Upon the completion of the waiting period, you can apply for pardon or record suspension. Record suspension is a cumbersome and challenging process. Find a competent pardons organization that can help you out in securing pardon and takes care of the application process on your behalf. This will let you stay at peace and focus on your other activities and commitments.