When you get a pardon in Canada, you escape the stigma of having to live with a criminal record in the country. For getting your records completely sealed, you must go through the pardon application procedure in a systematic manner. You can either apply for a pardon on your own or get the assistance of a pardon services Canada to get a pardon. However, the second route is the easiest, hassle free and the quickest one as a pardon services is well versed with the nitty-gritty of the whole process. Here is what you need to know about getting a pardon in Canada.


Are you eligible for pardon?
The two main criteria that decide whether you are eligible for the grant of pardon are the waiting period and the nature of your offence.



The waiting period
At present, the waiting period for getting a pardon in Canada is five years for minor offenses like breaching of a parole. In case of indictable offences like serious crimes or assault of a major kind, the waiting period will be 10 years.


The type of offence
For certain offences, the penalties re very severe in Canada. For example, one will invite a stringent penalty in case of a sexual assault against minors. At present, Schedule 1 offence against a minor are not pardonable. You will be ineligible for a pardon if you carry three offences with a sentence of two years or more.


Getting the pardon documents
Once you have determined if you are eligible for pardon, you must get ready with the documents necessary for the process. The following are incumbent to be attached with a pardon application.


Nationwide RCMP Fingerprints
You can get this done at accredited facilities across the country. You must get them through LIVEScan and submit the same to the Civil Fingerprint Screening Service in Ottawa (RCMP) for getting your results.


Proof of convictions
You must make sure all the convictions you face are on your criminal record. If this is not so, you will have to submit a proof for every conviction that is missing.


Court information
The court information gathered from the court that heard your case must be submitted.


Local police record
The local police records for the towns in which you lived over the last five years must all be submitted.


Record Suspension Application form
The record suspension application form must be filled in by filling in all the questions found on two sides of the application form.