Being convicted for a crime becomes a public record. Those that run a background check can gain access to the entire criminal history of the individual whether the crime is smaller one or a serious felony. These days, most employers, rental housing companies and loan providers run background checks. Criminal record Canada has some collateral consequences and hence there are strong reasons to fight criminal charge. Here are the far reaching consequences of having a criminal record.


Difficulties with employment
Felonies and misdemeanors can make it difficult to secure a job. If the felony convictions of violent in nature related to drugs or sex, employers will never take interest in hiring you. A criminal conviction makes it difficult for them to trust you and maintain a safe working environment after hiring you.



Inability to get good housing
Those with criminal records cannot be approved for a safe and affordable rental housing. This can affect the family of the person with the record. If you cannot find a decent house or apartment, you will not be able to maintain child custody or visitation. Felons that have been convicted report severe difficulties in finding housing.


Ineligibility to get federal student aid
If you have been convicted of drug or sexual offenses, you might not be able to receive grants or loans. This can make it difficult to attend a college or pursue any form of higher education. For drug related convictions, attending a drug rehabilitation program can help regain your eligibility. Looking from several angles, a conviction can delay your education.


Difficulty in getting a professional license
Even if the convicted individual can get a job or get back to their studies, there could be some barriers in getting a professional license. Hence it could be difficult to take up professions such as doctor, nurse or a lawyer. Getting license for many such professions involve disclosing prior convictions.


Firearms restrictions
If you are convicted and if you want to own a firearm, you must wait for not less than five years after serving the prison sentence. In some states, laws permit owning firearms by the convicted individuals only in their homes. It is possible for being charged for unlawful possession of firearm if you have a gun in your vehicle or somewhere else.


Due to the several disadvantages of having a criminal conviction, it is necessary that you take the right steps to suspend your criminal record through the most reliable criminal records suspension company.