Securing pardon helps seal your criminal records and thus opens the gates to a life of fair chances in social, professional and personal life. Applying for pardon is a tricky process. If your pardon application is denied and returned to you, read on to know what awaits you.


One of the strong reasons why a pardon application can be denied is that the candidate is not fulfilling the eligibility criteria set down in the rules. The authority that sets down the eligibility criteria for pardon is the Parole Board of Canada (PBC). This is the only federal body that is officially responsible for making decisions to suspend a record enabled by the Criminal Records Act (CRA). This act makes it possible for this body to order for, deny, or revoke a record suspension as it feel appropriate in a given situation. If a pardon application is denied and returned, the candidate can apply once again only after a year.



Reasons why a pardons application can be denied


Not disclosing the past criminal involvement fully
If the candidate does not fill up the application form properly or omits some pieces of information such as outstanding fines, recent charge, some court dates and others, the application can be considered as incomplete and it can be rejected. Hence it is essential to make the full disclosure so that your pardon application moves to the next level.


Sentences of imprisonment are not completed
The PBC will thoroughly check if all the sentences of an imprisonment are fully completed. If this is not done, the application can be rejected.


As per the PBC requirements, the pardon application must go with original documents, office seals of approval from the courts and police departments concerned, original signatures, and others. Know that photocopies are never allowed. Failing to submit them can lead to the return of application.


Why must you work with a reliable pardon services?
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